A new type of full service agency

It’s time to think differently about the way you connect with audiences. At Wonderly, we challenge conventional multi-channel marketing with a radical new approach that focuses on the media you own, create and control. Working collaboratively with ambitious customers, we create experiences that build communities, inspire advocacy and deliver a competitive advantage.

our mission

Why we created Wonderly

Our goal is clear. Wonderly exists to create owned media that makes a meaningful difference to the way you engage your customers. As part of Haymarket Media Group, we know from experience the breadth of expertise and depth of specialist knowledge required to make an authentic, enduring connection with audiences and, when we looked around, we couldn’t see an owned media agency that offered all of those. That’s why we founded Wonderly.

Wonderly's heritage
Our heritage

The grown-up start-up

Wonderly's heritage

At Wonderly, we understand the power of storytelling. Our parent company, Haymarket Media Group, has been telling stories that matter to consumers and business leaders since 1957. We have put that expertise, insight, resource and experience to good use for external clients – including the British Army, Jaguar Land Rover and the 2012 Olympics – since 1998. Now, as Wonderly, we combine the resources of a large media group with the fast-moving, collaborative mindset of a start-up to create owned media that delivers a return on your investment.

Our expertise

Ultimately, the effectiveness of owned media is defined by the quality of the user experience. At Wonderly, that is the focus for every specialist we employ – whether they be editors, conference producers, web designers, videographers or brand consultants. Our dedicated teams will collaborate with you to develop a content strategy that engages audiences across disciplines, media platforms, technologies, sectors, languages and markets.

Our independence

At Wonderly, we have no hidden agendas, no templated solutions and no institutional adherence to a particular technology, platform or form of content marketing. As part of the privately -owned Haymarket Media Group, one of the world’s leading specialist media businesses, we want to use our expertise and insights to help you create experiences that engage audiences, build communities and encourage loyalty. And when we create wonderful owned media, it really is yours. You will own the data, tech, IP, content… Everything.

Our integrity

Most of our clients stay with us for years. They enjoy working with us trust us and have confidence that we will help them make appropriate use of emerging technologies and platforms. Integrity is important to us because we want to do business the right way and we want to build valuable, enduring relationships with businesses and organisations. That is why many of our clients – the British Army, Tillington Group, the International Baccalaureate and Volkswagen – have worked with us for more than a decade.

Our creativity

It’s time to stop thinking inside – or outside – the box. Indeed, it’s time to stop thinking about boxes at all. The world is too fluid for creativity to be compartmentalised. At Wonderly, we aim to achieve your desired change in behaviour by delivering the right message through the right medium to the right people. We are creative and effective because we live deep in our customers’ markets. We have steeped ourselves in everything from athletics to the automotive sector and horticulture to high-street retail. We have analysed data, interviewed CEOs and embedded ourselves in clients’ offices to produce the insights that spark creativity.


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