Are you getting the most from Baby Boomers online?

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Two weeks ago I visited my parents in Rye, East Sussex. It was my mother’s 69th birthday and we sat in the garden waiting for my dad to light the barbecue. The sun was shining and the prosecco was flowing. As usual, Mum had done pretty well on the present front, but the highlight had […]

3 essential steps to make your business shine on Instagram

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There are now 800 million users on Instagram (up from 600 million last December). That’s more than 25 million active business profiles and two million advertisers. User engagement with brands on the platform is 10 times higher than Facebook, 54 times higher than Pinterest and 84 times higher than Twitter. Brands are spending more on […]

How to be brilliant at social media, boosting followers, likes and shares

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A couple of months back, Tim Martin, Wetherspoons’ founder and chairman, announced he was calling last orders on his company’s social media activities. He cited concern about its addictiveness and the damage it was causing society – perhaps a little mischievous coming from the nation’s biggest pub landlord. More revealingly, he also said pulling out […]

6 specialist retail brands with gravitational pull

The new secrets to making your customers feel cherished

‘Putting customers at the centre of everything we do’ is something many brands proclaim in their mission statements. But how can businesses persuade consumers that’s actually the case? The rapid advancement of digital technologies demands more agile, creative and personalised communications than ever before. As Deloitte’s 2018 retail, wholesale and distribution report points out, along […]