If you’re looking for a partner to work with ‘end-to-end’, we can satisfy every owned media need. Or we can work with you on a particular aspect of a project where you need expert help.



Creating the right plan

Successful content starts with the right strategy. We’ll cut through the confusion of multi-channel marketing to identify the most effective owned media experiences for you. We offer independent consultancy services covering everything from content and commercial strategy to brand marketing, user experience design (UX) and systems architecture. We recently worked with the RHS to create an online data-driven personal gardening coach to help people fall in love with gardening.




Understanding your audience

We’ll help you target the right people, discover valuable insights, collect and analyse data and prove you’re getting results. Among the services we offer are data ops and security, personalisation, research, analytics and user testing. Using the insight that students love to shop but don’t have much money, we created the #iBuy – and I get paid for it! website and campaign for the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) to attract young people into the procurement profession. The project won the Memcom award for Best Student Engagement Project.


Expert solutions

We believe technology can enable great experiences. We are truly independent: not software vendors, nor solely a development house. We advise on the best tech for the job. Sometimes that means integrating licensed software, sometimes it involves design and development of bespoke solutions. We offer systems architecture, UX design, build and integration, hosting, operations and security. Find out more about our work for VWG UK  and World Athletics.


Driving engagement

You have great stories to tell and we are great at telling stories. Using our immense expertise, we’ll help you engage with audiences across all appropriate formats, including video, podcasts, social media, the internet, magazines, programmes and live events. Our vast experience ranges from creating videos for the Tillington Group and content for the International Baccalaureate to matchday programmes for The FA and magazines for Berkeley Group and the British Army.


Bringing people together

We cover all aspects of event management, from concept to completion, collaborating with clients to produce events that range from a tailored staff awards programme to breakfast briefings, webinars and conferences. Our experienced in-house team produces more than 120 events a year. And our reach is global – we run award-winning events all year-round in the UK and internationally in Australasia, America, Asia and EMEA.


Getting your message to the right audiences

Delivering the right stories at the right time, in the right way, to the right audience is essential. We provide SEO, social media management, subscriptions, distribution, email and print distribution, videos, podcasts and social media memes. In a world where being first increasingly delivers success, we can help you stay ahead of the trends, keep abreast of new platforms and technologies and change audience behaviours.


Generating revenue

Owned media that resonates with your target audiences can make you money. We can generate revenue for you from digital and print display advertising, data sales, content partnerships, syndication and licensing, subscriptions, events, membership packages and conference sales. We also know how to create content that drives sales. One edition of Beautiful Gardens magazine, produced for the Tillington Group, generated a 6x return on investment. To accompany the 2018 World Cup, our editorial team at VWG created an interactive campaign that generated £460,000 in incremental sales.