Berkeley Life

Aspiring to a life more extraordinary

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Client: The Berkeley Group (comprising St George, St James, Berkeley, St Edward, St William and St Joseph)

Working together since: 2011

The requirement: Prior to 2019, Berkeley’s three principal brands each published its own magazine. But this year the property development group wanted an overarching title that would reinforce its core values while stimulating interest, excitement and enquiries across its entire portfolio.


Berkeley builds more than just homes, it builds ‘places’, which blend properties, parks and public areas with shops, cafes and restaurants to create buzzing communities where people love to live. Understanding this, and the immense importance the company places on sustainability, we identified its target audience as the ‘New Aspirationals’. People who dream not just of beautiful ‘things’, but also of a life full of great experiences, self-improvement and purpose. So we re-titled Berkeley Magazine ‘Berkeley Life’ and exerted a subtle content shift in line with our anticipated readers’ attitudes and needs.

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Striking the right aspirational chord with our target audience, while subtly weaving in the quality and desirability of Berkeley developments, is key to our approach. You won’t find a clunky juxtaposition of stand-alone lifestyle features alongside property advertorials in Berkeley Life. Instead features such as ‘A Home with Heritage’, which reveals historical events linked to a Berkeley property, and ‘Calm Waters’, an entertainingly erudite discussion concerning the benefits of living by lakes and rivers, neatly tie-in specific Berkeley addresses to engaging and thought-provoking themes.

Copies are distributed to prospective Berkeley owners and also placed worldwide in prestigious locations, from luxury 5* hotels to first-class airline lounges and luxury spas, to target a global High-Net-Worth audience.