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Client: Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS)

Working together since: 2015

The requirement: Deliver a world-class programme of media and events to the Institute’s 118,000 members, while raising the profile of procurement and supply around the globe.

CIPS website


From our experience working with membership bodies, we knew it was critical to transform the audience into an engaged and responsive community. Expert content would be key – and CIPS’ existing editorial sub-brand ‘Supply Management’ offered a powerful communication channel. But research revealed that many members were confused about the relationship between CIPS and Supply Management. Bringing the brands closer, and making the connection crystal clear, would be essential to our approach.

Owned media

As part of the CIPS website Supply Management now sits at the top alongside its parent brand. It is at the heart of the organisation’s communications strategy, offering social and digital channels, newsletters and email marketing, which provide a seamless user journey that drives readers through the wealth of information that CIPS offers and also sets the news agenda with a focus on global reach. 

The agenda-setting Supply Management magazine is published quarterly, guaranteeing smart storytelling that informs and entertains in equal measure. We have also introduced quarterly digital reports, offering editorially led deep dives into particular topics, designed specifically for CIPS members. 

Crucially, we are using the sub-brand strategically, maintaining its editorially independent tone as a way to engage readers while also aligning it to high-level CIPS objectives.

CIPS Procurement Power List

Brand extensions

As well as the core Supply Management brand, we have developed innovative ideas all dedicated to adding greater value to members and enhancing CIPS in the eyes of the profession.The list includes #iBuy, a microsite-driven campaign to help explain procurement to young people who might be interested in entering the profession; a range of content for a dedicated Covid hub to help procurement professionals navigate contract law and supply chain disruption in 2020; and the Procurement Power List, which bolsters the profession by celebrating the individuals behind its successes.


We have launched regional conferences and events to bring audiences together. More recently, we have developed a virtual platform that offers CIPS a new opportunity to widen its influence in new territories, and increase revenues from suppliers looking to grow in these areas. The first CIPS Virtual Global Conference took place in June 2021.

Throughout our partnership with CIPS, we have introduced new commercial opportunities, including a CIPS Seminar Series, which has proved particularly engaging among members and more than met commercial partners’ expectations.


In 2020, the Supply Management website attracted more than 1.6 million page views, a new record. 

Digital engagement improved with a 42% increase in active CRM Database records and a 33% increase in ‘Supply Management’ Twitter following. 

Over 2,500 people attended CIPS events over the year. Award entries were up 70%, sponsorship for events were up 46%, with a 36% increase in y-o-y delegate revenues.

What CIPS say...

“The result has been amazing and we couldn’t be happier. The feedback and engagement levels are high and the fresh and more challenging approach is helping show procurement in a new light – all fitting perfectly with the CIPS three-year strategy. Commercially, the team has strived to build relationships with new and existing sponsors and advertisers to make sure we’re in a good place moving forwards.”

Liz Lees, Head of PR & Representation