KPMG – Me, my life, my wallet

Thought leadership on a truly global scale


The client: KPMG

KPMG publishes a ground-breaking biennial survey of global consumer preferences called Me, my life, my wallet in collaboration with 16 of its principal national firms. Offering unique insight into how 18,657 consumers view price, quality and service – and exploring how they feel about such topics as purpose, privacy and personalisation – this report is the flagship publication for KPMG’s Global Customer Centre of Excellence and Innovation Labs.


Having worked with KPMG’s retail and consumer leadership for more than a decade, Wonderly was well placed to advise the group on which issues would resonate with consumers, reflect the priorities of member firms and give KPMG the opportunity to start a conversation with leading retailers and manufacturers across the globe. This task was made even more challenging because, halfway through the process, COVID-19 struck. We consulted extensively with the KPMG team to develop distinctive points of view that would ensure the report gained traction on social media and in the traditional media.



Drawing on our first-hand knowledge of the consumer and retail sector, backed up by original research into the key trends (especially in terms of demographics, technologies and markets) and interviews with subject matter experts, we helped KPMG to craft a more compact, focused survey, with a special focus on Gen Z.

The report, published online in April 2021, was enthusiastically received – and promoted – by individual firms, generating headlines in the business press, particularly in India, the UK and US, partly because it was the first publication to seriously assess the impact of COVID-19 on global consumer sentiment.

In our view…

“The Me, My Life, My Wallet report is one of the most audacious editorial projects KPMG has ever undertaken. The fact that this edition was partly researched and written during the pandemic prevented a challenge of a completely different magnitude. Ultimately, working closely and extensively with KPMG, we helped to create a report that was full of fascinating insights and broke new ground by reflecting how COVID-19 had changed consumer attitudes across the globe.”

Alison Nesbitt, Account Director, Wonderly