Motability magazine


The client: Motability

Working together since: 2020

The requirement: To revitalise the Motability Scheme’s long-standing customer magazine, Lifestyle, so it speaks to a new generation of customers including families, carers and drivers with a disability.

Motability magazine


The Motability Scheme is the UK’s leading car scheme for disabled people. It provides affordable, convenient, trouble-free motoring to more than 500,000 customers and their families and represents 10% of the new car market. The Scheme is much-loved by its customers and is truly transformational in the way that it allows people to get out and do the things they want or need to do. While Lifestyle magazine was considered of value to the audience, it didn’t necessarily capture the passion of its readers or the possibilities that a new car can provide. Nor did it represent the wide range of users fully.  

Owned media

We reinvented Lifestyle so that it captured the essence of the Scheme and the diversity of the customer base. We carried out extensive user research, referring to reader survey information and Haymarket’s own Third Sector Brand Index. We defined a new purpose and voice for the magazine  built on four editorial pillars – discovery, community, guidance, championing.

The magazine is fresh and uplifting and delivers on its promise to help customers live the life they want to. We have partnered with What Car? for the all-important Drive section, providing customers with independent vehicle reviews and ratings. 

Motability Lifestyle Instagram

Social media

In 2021, we launched an Instagram account for Lifestyle magazine to reach existing and potential Motability customers, build a welcoming and supportive community, raise awareness of Motability and provide useful information and inspiration. It is also the perfect place to engage with customers and learn from them.





Customers have been bowled over by the new concept.

“I have just finished going through it. What a wonderful change. The whole magazine is full of bright information. I have been a Motability customer for many years and find this new version of Lifestyle a pleasure to read.”

“A quick note thanking you for the May issue of Lifestyle I received as a Motability customer. From the new, recycle friendly packaging envelope it came in, to the updated design and layout of features, all attractively presented, everything ‘worked’ for me. Actually, I cannot recall reading a copy of the magazine from cover-to-cover in a ‘one-er’  as I did yesterday morning. Please keep up the standard!”

“I want to thank you for the articles in the new magazine, comparing electric, hybrid and diesel engines. I have to change my car this year and was anxious about what would be best, knowing that I must also not disregard the environmental issues.”

“It has been a pleasure to work with Wonderly. They are such knowledgeable people and an absolute joy to work with. The content for our project has improved greatly since we have been working with Wonderly. I would recommend Wonderly to anyone. I have been nothing but impressed with their professionalism.”

Sophia Nunn, Communications Executive, Press and PR, Motability