The Locker

The Army – but not as you know it


Client: The British Army

Working together since: 1997

Requirement: Reach out to 18-24 year olds and the people who influence their decisions, bringing to life what being a soldier or officer really means, and exciting them about the amazing opportunities an Army career offers.

The Locker magazine


Research shows that many young people don’t realise the Army has far more to offer than combat roles, and reject an Army career without understanding its true potential. But from our long-standing relationship, we are deeply aware that this is far from an ordinary employer. The Army is a lifestyle, not a job. And for that reason we needed to create content that would resonate with the aspirations and interests of our target audience – such as friends, fitness, technology and travel – and bring the Army into their world.

Owned media

The Locker is a lifestyle brand that shows its audience that the Army world is not so different from theirs. The Locker tells stories about Army and civilian life that share the same ethos. In other words, if you’re the kind of person who enjoys The Locker content, you may well be the kind of person who would enjoy an Army career.

The Locker magazine is distributed with newsstand titles such as FourFourTwo and Empire, strategically placed in gyms, universities, doctors’ surgeries, and also handed out at events such as festivals and football matches. Crucially, it reaches parents, too. Online, The Locker’s website, Facebook and Insta channels satisfy the audience’s insatiable appetite for digital content, and the videos we create are shared on the social channels of both the British Army and its partner Unilad.


We are also using the Shorthand platform to bring The Locker magazine to life online. This format is interactive and engaging for our mobile-loving audience of 16-24 year olds and the content really pops on the phone. The fluid movement from story to story helps join up the multi-faceted world of Army life (from job role to travel to fitness and friendships).


The Locker performs well as a ‘Total Interest Driver’ and has proved more cost-effective than outdoor media campaigns. It reached more than 10% of UK 22-24 year olds in 2018, and having read the magazine, 72% of readers say they learnt something new about the Army.

“Shorthand is a user friendly tool to allow our content to come to life on the page without investing time and effort in developing a bespoke solution. We’re delighted with the results so far and are looking forward to further exploring how Shorthand can help us present our content in an engaging format in the future.”

Fiona Whitworth, Digital Content Manager, Capita