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Client: Volkswagen Group (VWG) UK

Working together since: 2006

The requirement: Re-build and future-proof the Group’s news intranet, the Hub – the first stop for any of the 16,000 people who work for VWG UK dealer network when they need the latest brand information.

VW Cupra


An extensive piece of UX exploratory work with users and stakeholders (91 interviews across retailers, head office and the editors), revealed that personalisation would be key to the project’s success. Our solution would have to ‘do most of the thinking for the user’, serving up only the content they need to see. So we created five principal personas and devised specific user journeys and ways to personalise content.

Owned media

The Hub was initially built as a cost-effective Minimum Viable Product (MVP), with continual investment and enhancement thereafter. Phase 1 MVP launched in October 2016 and delivered exceptional engagement figures. Due to this rapid success, the business agreed to continue investing into the Hub to further iterate the product. Phase 2 was delivered in November 2018, providing additional functionality and improvements in performance. The content is created by our team of 15 editors embedded at VWG’s Milton Keynes HQ.

The results


Within six months of launching the VW Group Hub we smashed our audience engagement KPIs.

Total Sessions +544%
Total Page Views +335%
New Users +99.3%

The 2018 enhancements allowed VWG to consolidate other dealer-facing websites and tools into Hub, leading to greater time-saving and convenience for users and significant cost-efficiencies for VWG.

Analytics for Q1 2019 revealed the number of page views had increased by 5-20% across the brand sites. More people are finding what they need, with a decrease in search exits of 32% and an increase in visits to articles following search of 9.7%.

The Hub user survey in January 2019 (one month after launch) showed that users rated search as 7/10 (previously 6/10).

“The team has transformed the content since taking over. They bring the Volkswagen Group new ideas and new thinking, ensuring the service they offer us is first class.”

Michelle Masterton-Smith, VWG Marketing and Communications Manager