Live reporting and 24/7 support that sets a gold standard for the world of athletics


The client: World Athletics 

Working together since: 2008

The requirement: The requirement: Rebuild to set a gold standard for a global sports governing body – increasing engagement and creating a must-visit destination for anyone with an interest in athletics. Continue to develop, manage and build the website, creating new functions to excite and engage audiences.

World Athletics website mobile


World Athletics serves many different audiences – from avid fans and athletes to administrators and journalists – and had traditionally stored its data on five databases that fed into a multitude of sites for different World Athletics events. But after talking to competitors, coaches, referees, journalists and athletics supporters, it became clear that the overarching desire was for everything to be in one place: a single destination where users could find information about athletes past and present, and current and historic events.

World Athletics website


Focusing on the unique content available to World Athletics, we designed and developed a new bespoke headless content management system that manages the main site, local organising committee (LOC) sites, events sites and various campaign and mini sites. 

We’ve developed a Universal Single Sign (USS) for World Athletics to use across all their systems internally and externally. This allows data to be pulled into one source and gives a seamless experience.

We are currently working on a large personalisation project across the site that will enable users from various countries to access content specifically tailored to their preferences – giving audiences exactly what they are interested in.

Live services

We designed and built a live event site for the World Athletics Championships that delivers results seconds after events have finished with the Web Live service. We have also developed innovative and engaging services for major events. These include ‘Inside Track’ – a video streaming service providing Gogglebox-style live reactions to the stadium action from Olympic gold-medallists, celebs and athletes’ families, plus ‘Advanced Athlete Profiles’ – which are data-rich summaries of the competitors, complete with their rankings and results. 

Our team continues to provide 24/7 technical support and hosting at live World Athletics events around the world.

World Athletics CIS

Commentator Information Service

We have built an innovative and lightning-fast Commentator Information Service – WebCIS – giving broadcasters all the stats they need at events. This bespoke service was launched for World Athletics in 2020 and has since been used for three European Championship events and at the Tokyo Olympics by commentators from global broadcast networks to enable them to give fans the most engaging and accurate commentary possible. At the Olympics, WebCIS processed and displayed the data so fast it was available to commentators even before the results were shown in the stadium itself.


At the 2017 World Championships in London, we set our own new personal best, with:
+46% more sessions than Beijing 2015
+56% more users than Beijing 2015
4.5 million users, 10.2 million sessions and 43 million page views
Half of all traffic came from mobile devices.
At its peak the site comfortably dealt with 770,000 data requests per minute.

At the 2019 World Championships in Doha, the site attracted:
3.3 million users
8.7 million sessions
35.2 million page views

And we expect even higher numbers at the 2022 World Championships in Oregon.

“The account team and development team are really committed. We have excellent communication with Wendy and Agnieszka. They have good domain knowledge.”

An Dang Duy, Chief Information Officer, World Athletics