Critical comms in a chaotic year

Two years years ago I was introduced to the concept of ‘VUCA’ on a training course in deepest Oxfordshire. Coined in the ’80s by the US military, I learned this ugly acronym stood for volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. It sounded rather pretentious at the time: were we really drawing parallels between life-and-death battlefield decisions […]

The return of the match

It was one of the single biggest hardships for many of us during lockdown; no live sport. Nothing to watch, no one to follow, nothing to break the monotony, nothing to bring joy. And we’re not simply talking of those Liverpool FC fans who worried that the club might be denied the trophy that they […]

Wonderly one year on

Wonderly is one year old. Well, kind of. We’ve been helping our clients with much more than content for decades, but we rebranded and repositioned just over a year ago. You see it had become increasingly apparent just how fundamental our contribution was to our clients’ whole growth strategy. We were driving a shift in […]

Can football change the world?

The quality that makes Lewes FC unique is simultaneously an honour and a scandal. In the summer of 2017, the Rooks, as they are nicknamed, became the first football club in the world to pay their women’s team the same wages as their men’s team. This laudable initiative, called Equality FC, reflected the club’s belief […]