The importance of audience first communications

Wonderly’s Rachel Wood discusses the importance of putting your audience first when defining your communications strategy.

Rachel Wood

Rachel Wood

Getting to know our audience is essential for dealer communications, and indeed for any internal communications. 

To inform the ongoing comms strategy for our automotive clients, we want to know if a Kia dealer plays golf, if a Volkswagen dealer has a family, or if a Renault dealer is a huge motorsport fan, but why? 

Internal communications are very different from external comms. We know who we need to speak to, we’re not looking for countless clicks, and we’re not seeking new audiences. So, what are we doing?

One of our biggest tasks is to learn as much as we can about our audience. What makes them tick, what will motivate them, what will frustrate them, and using these ideas to create action.

Considering the various personality traits about our audience is essential in creating the best possible business communications.

It allows us to inspire them through their interests, for example sharing the latest Alpine F1 success to our Renault Group dealers – they’re part of the Renault Group after all.

We can encourage our clients to set up relevant incentive prizes, dealers will work harder if they know they could win tickets to the driving range!

It allows us to inform our content strategy and publish content at appropriate times, if our average dealer has children, they don’t want to receive an email with an essential action at 7pm when they want to be at home with their family.

And it makes sure we avoid blunders, the majority of our dealers wouldn’t engage in a competition to make the best Tik Tok dance video – though we can’t speak for everyone.

The details allow us to be empathetic and challenge ourselves to create communications for the people that really matter – the audience.

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