Helping membership
organisations to thrive

There has never been a better or more challenging time to be a membership organisation. In our connected world, reaching global audiences and delivering value via digital channels has never been easier. Yet meeting the sophisticated demands of members has never been more challenging. Progressive member organisations are developing and leveraging their owned media to engage audiences, build communities, deliver member value and generate additional profits. They are, whether they recognise it or not, behaving like the best media and information businesses.

How we help

A joined-up approach to
member experience

It’s one thing recognising that change is needed in your organisation; quite another delivering it. How do you drive fundamental change across interconnected functions, provide joined-up experiences for members and keep your organisation running smoothly? Of course it’s never easy, but we can help by supporting you with an integrated full service that covers strategy, data, content, live events, technology, amplification and commercial services.


Inspiring member loyalty

With so much information freely available, good enough isn’t good enough any longer. That’s why we support you with specialist expertise and draw on our wider experience as a media and information business, to help deliver the extraordinary content and experiences it takes to provide genuine value and inspire member loyalty.


A smarter approach to membership growth

We help you put your organisation at the centre of your community, turn members into advocates and engage a ‘known audience’ of qualified leads which becomes your primary hunting ground for new members.  It’s a more sustainable approach to growth that helps you avoid the modern pitfall of working ever-harder across an explosion of touch points just to stand still.


Articulating purpose and effecting change

We’ll help you campaign effectively, not just by directly influencing the traditional corridors of power, but by effecting change in a more organic, bottom up way. Using your owned media, we’ll help you mobilise a community of opinion leaders around shared beliefs and ideas, creating a groundswell that carries these ideas into mainstream consciousness and acceptance.



Generating new profits from known audiences

We help you grow your ‘qualified’ or ‘known audiences’ on channels that you own and control, enabling you to unlock new profits through assured advertising, live events, paid content, ecommerce and, of course, growth in membership.

“The result has been amazing and we couldn’t be happier. The feedback and engagement levels are high and the fresh and more challenging approach is helping show procurement in a new light – all fitting perfectly with the CIPS three-year strategy. Commercially, the team has strived to build relationships with new and existing sponsors and advertisers to make sure we’re in a good place moving forwards.”

Liz Lees, Head of PR & Representation, CIPS
case studies

Helping membership
organisations to thrive

Here are some of the many ways we have worked with membership organisations to engage audiences, build communities and deliver member value.

Delivering a world-class programme of media and events


Driving a strategic approach to owned media with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development


Helping the RHS make people fall in love with gardening with a personalised gardening coach


Driving transformative business results through UX and emotional design


Using extraordinary content to help an extraordinary institution find extraordinary growth