Owned media delivers content or experiences that get the world talking and that people want to share. And when it’s done brilliantly it develops its own gravitational pull, drawing in new customers that generate even greater energy – and attraction – around your brand.

When you put owned media at the heart of your communications strategy, you leave the constraints of conventional multi-channel marketing behind. And the more you invest in owned media, the more you benefit from its ability to inspire earned media and the less you need to spend to get your media seen.

But to create brilliant owned media demands a different mindset; a new way of thinking that we call the ‘Wonderly Way’.

  • Focusing first on your greatest fans, with the highest levels of brand loyalty
  • Discovering what they love about your brand, and the beliefs that connect them together
  • Mobilising them through brilliant owned media that inspires ever-increasing connections
  • Creating an irresistible brand force that generates value as it attracts new customers in
The locker video playing on mibile

From the C-Suite to the shopfloor, video is probably the most powerful way to connect with people today. According to a 2018 Forbes trend report, viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text. That’s why we are always encouraging our clients to produce more. And it’s why, as well as working with some of the most talented videographers and producers in the business, we have our own rapid-response, in-house videography team ready to create your video assets cost-effectively and at speed.

Wonderly employee looking at laptop in thought

The demand for expertly created, fast-turnaround content is only going to intensify. But being brilliant at owned media requires specialist know-how, coordination and production capacity that is often too expensive to do ‘in-house’. So we blend embedded teams with ‘on-demand specialists’ to give our clients the best of both worlds at an affordable price. Read here how it works for VWG.

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Digital content

Our digital content comes in many forms, from the compelling blogs and thought leadership features that complement IB Magazine to the Volkswagen Group Hub, an internal suite of websites that keep the 16,000 people who work for VWG retailers up to date with the latest brand information. We have the capability to deliver content across any digital channel. But we’ll only do so if we believe it will be welcomed, consumed, and add genuine value to our clients’ brands.

Social media apps on Android and iphone phones

The relentless growth of new ways consumers interact with brands has resulted in an explosion of social media touch points that can seem overwhelming. So let us identify the most effective for your organisation, then create assets your users will want to share. From quirky Christmas craft how-tos for the Tillington Group, to quick recipes to tempt The Locker’s young fans, to CEO interviews at Kia – our experience is vast. And combined with our Performance Marketing expertise we can guarantee to target valuable new audiences.

CIPD Event
Live events

We cover all aspects of event management, from concept to completion, working with our clients to produce events that can range from a tailored staff awards programme to breakfast briefings, forums or a conference specific to their customers and needs. Our experienced in-house team produces more than 120 events a year. And we’re not restricted by borders – our award-winning events run year-round, in the UK and internationally, including Australasia, America and EMEA.

Young girl holding a London 2012 Olympic programme

Print is our heritage, and we will never lose our passion for creating publications that readers love, too. In 2012 we made history when we delivered daily programmes for the Olympic Games – the biggest single project undertaken by a direct media agency. Our award-winning portfolio now includes the UK’s best-read gardening magazine, match-day programmes for the ECB and FA, and The Locker – a lifestyle brand developed for the British Army.