A more connected and complex world

Everyone knows the world is more connected and complex than ever, but just to prove the point (and perhaps make myself appear more erudite at the same time) I thought I’d have a poke about on Google and see if the Internet would offer up some eye-catching stats. It didn’t disappoint. Here are a just a few:

Boom time for disrupters

Connectivity and complexity are the parents of disruption, or so the story goes. Which is why, we’re told, agile and innovative businesses are springing up left, right and centre, outmanoeuvring dinosaurs and scaling faster than ever. What are the stats to back this up?

The flip side

Of course there’s a flip side to this — the destructive half of the creative/destruction narrative. It says the Old Guard spot the opportunities too late, fumble about in the fog for a bit before stepping off the cliff. Gloomy stats to illustrate? Here we go…

The less obvious success stories

So is that it then? New companies with disruptive business models thrive, while established businesses struggle then die? No, that’s not it. They might not grab the headlines, but there are plenty of old-school businesses that are not just surviving, but thriving. Here are a few that have caught my eye of late:

The secret sauce

So if it’s not ‘disruptive business = life of Riley; established business = doomed to failure’, is there a different blueprint for success? Things are rarely that straightforward. But today’s winners do have something in common. They all prioritise and are brilliant at owned media — the media they own and control to build direct relationships with customers.

Creating customer gravity

Following an owned strategy works because it frees its proponents from the tyranny of omni-channel marketing dogma: the one that demands ‘thou must engage every customer on every channel at every moment’. Omni-channel thinking is madness. It can’t work. You can’t be everywhere and if you try you’ll do it badly.

Owned media provides a better, less exhausting alternative that says give customers content and experiences that matter on the channels that matter and your brand will develop ‘gravitational pull’ drawing in new customers that create even greater energy and attraction.

How Wonderly helps

Of course just doing owned media is only half the battle, you’ve also got to do it well. This is why we created Wonderly – a new breed of full service agency focused on helping clients be brilliant at owned media. We start by helping them throw out omni-channel thinking and embrace a new way: the Wonderly Way. It goes like this:

To find out more about the ‘Less obvious success stories’ read Ed’s blog ‘5 brands nailing owned media‘.

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