Buzzing with excitement

We couldn’t be more excited about working with the Kew team, none of us more so than Martin Tullett, our creative director, who loves plants almost as much as he loves bees.

We’ll be creating an inspirational and engaging magazine for Kew’s 112,000 members – bringing to life the extraordinary gardens at Kew and Wakehurst and its world-leading science and conservation work. 

Our preliminary research found Kew’s members hold the gardens close to their hearts and are proud to support its world-renowned horticulturists and scientists. Kew’s vital science and conservation work uses unparalleled expertise, collections and partnerships to tackle urgent global challenges: from climate change to loss of biodiversity and food security. 

Growing advocacy

From spring 2020, the magazine objectives will be to appeal to the broad interests of the membership base, as part of a change in the membership content strategy. Their aim is to increase engagement of members so that they become advocates of the organisation, its purpose and the impact of its science, globally. The fresh new format will also be the magazine’s 100th issue, which will be sent to Kew’s members from February 2020. 

This partnership deepens our expertise in the membership sector as well as playing to the strengths of Wonderly’s new approach: empowering organisations with owned media. We’re also proud to share similar values within Wonderly and our wider parent company, Haymarket Media Group, where we’re internationally recognised for our environmental commitment.

Oh, stop it, we’re blushing

Kate Scally, Director of Engagement, Foundation, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew said:

“Wonderly demonstrated their understanding of Kew’s membership audience, which is why they were the clear front-runners in the pitch. Together with Kew’s in-house Editor, Christina Harrison, Wonderly will create a magazine that will bring the Kew brand and personality to life, improving the membership experience and enjoyment of the gardens as well as driving engagement with Kew science and conservation.” 

Thanks for the kind words, Kate. We’re blushing and we won’t let you down! 

Watch this space.

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